Foleris is an island continent surrounded by unsailable waters on the planet Foleria. Though there exist ancient legends which tell of other continents and even other worlds, the subject is of much debate among denizens of the continent. It seems that the truth of such matters is left to be discovered by brave explorers of the future.


There exist many regions of avoided or unexplored wilderness across Foleris. The boots, wheels, and hooves of those traveling a number of relatively safe trade routes have carved roads through these patches here and there, linking together the small strongholds of civilization which dot the landscape. What lies beyond the veil of civilization in many parts of the world is usually only speculated upon in story and legend.

Common Civilized Races on Foleris

Dragonborn — The Dragonborn of Foleris have stories which tell of their leaving The Lands Withheld and beginning civilization anew outside of its seemingly impassible wall. The Dragonborn controlled a small empire before well-recorded history which seems to have blended into the rest of civilization over time. Tales of their domination and conquering of forgotten settlements in the south are not unheard of.

Dwarf — The Dwarves of Foleris have stories which tell of their descent from the Mountains of Might, where they lived in the system of underground caverns working for the gods themselves, mining precious and powerful gems and metals.

Eladrin — The Eladrin have tales of having descended from the Shimmering Hills and into the lands of Foleris. The Eladrin share deep connections with a force unseen in nature and often described as being summoned from another world. It is a commonly held notion that Eladrin and Elves probably share a common origin.

Elf — The Elves tell tales of having emerged from the Glimmerwald when the world was young. Small offshoot tribes of wild woodland elves can still be found in the Glimmerwald, when they aren’t expertly hiding themselves from sight. It is a commonly held notion that Eladrin and Elves probably share a common origin.

Half-Elf — Elves and humans are genetically similar enough to mate and produce offspring which are half-elf and half-human. Elven blood is said to “stick” to a bloodline, causing elven genetics to dominate exactly 50% of the makeup of any offspring with human genetics. That is to say, when a human or half-elf mates with an elf or half-elf, the offspring is always a full half-elf.

Halfling — The halflings have tales of descending into the realm from the frigid lands of The Summerfell in the north. Though they are small in stature compared to most other civilized races, they are often unexpectedly courageous and resourceful — their race has braved many harsh generations in the north and withstood conditions which could kill most other races with prolonged exposure.

Human — The humans are said to have always existed in the open plains of Foleris. Two major human powers which initially came into being were the Kingdoms of Donminus and Tyrillium. Together, they formed the joint Kingdom of Nerath, which has long since fallen. Donminus and Tyrillium still remain as ancient settlements now populated by all common races, but the control of the Nerath empire is gone.

Tiefling — It is said that nobody had ever seen a Tiefling until the days of the Nerath empire. Rumors of humans making pacts with or even breeding with devils and demons are common when discussing the origins Tieflings, though some consider this a sensitive matter to discuss. Tieflings are progressively fitting into society more and more as just another one of the races, but stigmas still cause tension from time to time. Tieflings can breed with humans, but the offspring will always be Tiefling.

Deva — The Deva are a unique race which do not have families or reproduce as most other mortals do. Whenever a Deva dies, its soul is reincarnated inside of a new adult Deva body in the ancient, monolithic city of Ecluria. It is unknown who built this place, or why Deva souls seem to return here for reincarnation each time. A reincarnated Deva usually begins with a somewhat dull but full recollection of many basic facets of life — this is likely due to having experienced similar things in each of their constant reincarnations. For example, washing one’s self or preparing a basic meal is the same, no matter who you are. Many Deva stay in Ecluria and carry on its ancient traditions of history keeping, advancing architecture and technology, and exploring the arts. Some brave Deva choose to venture out across The Waste and take up a new, more unpredictable life elsewhere.


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