The Gods

Most religions on Foleris tend to consistently mention six major Gods. The Gods are widely believed to have influence over mortals and their souls. Each of these Gods is credited with the creation of at least one mortal race and and is said to control a sort of afterlife which souls can be sent to or visit, depending on the circumstance.

Uurgot of the Unrivaled Fang

The evil draconic God of strength, who is said to have created dragonkind and devilkind. He rules over the Nine Hells, a place of punishment for the souls of wicked mortals.

Pelor of the Defiant Sun

The lawful good human-like God of Constitution, who values justice and kindness over all else. He is said to have created the human race, and is said to invite the souls of only the most exceptionally just mortals to his heavenly domain, the Fields of Truth.

Astrid of the Fertile Rot

The mysterious and monstrous chaotic evil god of Dexterity, who is said to be both beautiful and horrifying to behold. She is said to have created such beautiful races as the Eladrin and the Elves, but is also said to have brought hateful creatures such as Goblins into the world. Followers of Astrid believe that all souls are eventually reincarnated in different forms, with the aid of the mortal cycle of life and death. She is said to return mortal souls into the world in new forms instead of holding them in an afterlife.

Imidria of the Waking Mind

The good halfling-like God of intelligence, who is credited with creating the halfling race. She is the favored patron of scientists, scholars, and other such mortals who enjoy solving complex problems. Her afterlife is said to be home to the philosophers of endless generations, a place which holds countless historical libraries, and where catastrophic experiments can be held which can harm no-one.

Molovim of the Dreaming Mind

The unaligned deva-like God of Wisdom, creator of Deva kind and often credited with building the monolith city of Ecluria. His afterlife is said to be a peaceful realm of nonviolence, meditation, and oneness with all.

Jahooma of the Wild Revel

The good dwarf-like God of Charisma, who is said to have created the powerful and boastful Dwarven race. He is the patron of all good-natured warriors and partiers alike. His domain is said to contain an enormous hall of eternal celebration, inside of which patrons will appear unharmed when killed in the hilariously violent arena-playground that is the hills surrounding the hall.

The Gods

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